Moringa Oil Balm


Properties of reducing pain and swelling of arthritis, joint pain caused by gout, rheumatics, bone joint pains, healing fresh wounds, chronically infectious wounds and relieving the symptoms of muscular inflammation, insect bites.



Moringa oil balsam Size 40 g. And 85 g.
- Reduce pain, swelling, rheumatism
- Reduce joint pain from gout, rheumatism, and bone pain
- Treatment of fresh wounds, chronic infectious wounds
- Gives you a good feeling of heat, doesn't burn your skin.
- Relieve tendon inflammation
- Apply to areas that have numb hands and feet. Can help relieve symptoms
- Fresh scent from the long flora
- Relieve muscle inflammation, insect bites.
- Relieve finger locking from sweating. Or muscle contraction

**** Massage Techniques *
- Massage the pain area and use a thin towel dampened with water and use a cloth to cover the affected area and massage it. The cold from the cloth will help dissolve the fat or lump in the pain area. Will make the symptoms disappear even faster

- Painful area There may be stiffness coming from other areas. Such as leg pain in the crook There may also be stiffness from the posterior tendon. Therefore, the massage that will be effective should be noticed that there is pain or stiffness in other areas as well. Should massage that area as well.
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