Coconut Oil Shampoo


This shampoo has the qualities of conditioning the hair to be soft, sleek, shiny

shampoo & price


Coconut oil shampoo weight 300 ML.

- Made from real coconut oil without synthetic color added.

- Adjust the hair condition to be soft and shiny.

- Against germs that cause dandruff

- It is absorbed into the hair deeply nourishes, thus helping to hold the protein age of the hair, giving the hair a thick, shiny hair.

- No harmful chemicals, children from 3 years old can use.

- Nourish the hair to shine as well and is a natural hair care extract that helps make hair soft and shiny.

- for maximum efficiency Should be used with coconut oil and jasmine rice milk treatment of Ruen Mai Hom.

- In case of very dry and damaged hair Recommended for use with Silky Hair Code from Rueanmaihom. Rub all over your hair after wiping damp hair to soften and weigh. Hair restoration urgently.

Registration number 10-1-6200028567.
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