Pluchea Indica Leaf Products

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Pluchea Indica Leaf Extract Serum 30 ml.

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฿490 ฿490




Helps reduce acne scars to fade. Add moisture to the skin And eliminate body odor Firms the skin naturally firm.

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฿120 ฿120


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Pluchea Indica Kloe Facial sunscreen protecting your skin from UVA&UVB

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฿450 ฿450



Pluchea Indica Facial Powder Eliminate dead skin cells. Smoothen and soften facial skin

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฿190 ฿190



Pluchea Indica Body Gel Lotion Helps reduce skin allergy symptoms, poor lymph health, pain and discomfort caused by sweat and allergies. Non-artificial colored horseradish tree oil. Made with Moringa oil which helps to strengthen your skin and reduce itching.

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