100% Pure Moringa Oil


100% pure moringa oil comes in five sizes. This herbal oil has the properties of nourishing the dry skin to be moisturized, soft, smooth and delaying premature ageing of the skin.moisturized, soft, smooth and delaying premature ageing of the skin.

Size and Price


Cold pressed Moringa oil 100%

- Made from real moringa seeds by cold pressed machine No synthetic color added
- thus giving you white and clear skin without wrinkles, dark spots and dull marks
- Helps maintain dry skin to moisturize, soften, slow down the premature aging of the skin.
- Helps relieve the occurrence and inflammation of acne on the face, remove dark spots of the skin as a result of sun exposure or aging.
- Cure fungal diseases of the skin such as foot disease Fungus under the nails Heal a knife wound or a small wound
- reduce rashes on the skin And diaper allergies of babies
- Reduce pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis and gout.
- Used to massage to tighten the muscles and relieve muscle aches as well.
- Used to massage the head to treat fungal diseases on the scalp. Ease hair loss symptoms And head itching
- Helps neutralize insect bites Pain and swelling will decrease rapidly.
- Relieve pain in the lumbar and leg Due to prolonged standing, shoulder pain and headache

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