Fruit Soaps


Soaps mixed with fruits and other products, rich in vitamins from nature, gives the skin white, clear, soft, moist look and feel. Selected from High quality ingredients




`Pomegranate Soap
Rich in vitamin C, Help make the skin bright and natural. Moisturises and gently cleans.

`Jasmine Rice Milk Soap
Rich in vitamins. Helps retain moisture to the skin to make the skin radiant, reduce acne inflammation. Effectively reduce acne scars

`Coconut oil Soap
Give the moisture to your skin as from the first use, make the scars softer and reduces skin inflammation.

`Coffee Soap
Remove dead skin cells and leave you with smoother skin.

`Mahad Soap
Produced from the essence of Mahad without adding synthetic colors. Helps with reducing skin pigmentation, giving the skin white and clear look without wrinkles, dark spots and dullness.

`Pamelo Soap
Made with pamelo extract. Helps to reduce oily skin , pimples and help to keep the skin radiant and healthy.

Star Fruit Soap
Richness in Vitamin C with the properties of reducing blemishes, freckles, dark spots gently, diminishing the scars in order to allow the skin to be naturally smooth, moisturized and soft.

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