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Turmeric and Seaholly Liquid Soap


Liquid soap with turmeric and Seaholly, size 280ML.


Liquid soap with turmeric and Seaholly size 280ML.
- Reduce the symptoms of tablets, rash, itchiness from sweat or various allergic reactions
- Solve the lymphatic drainage
- Frequent impetigo, sensitive skin
- Reduce body odor, eliminate sweat
- Washes clean without leaving slippery stains on the skin
- Suitable for cleaning bed-bound patients with bedsores.
- Suitable for children from 2 years old and gentle on the skin.
- Helps to dry scars quickly

Ruean Mai Hom brought the ancient recipe to improve and make it easier to use, thus producing liquid soap. In addition to treating symptoms of skin disease it can also help to preserve the skin. Give your skin a natural white look, because it contains "Turmeric" is a combination of two herbs for the best skin treatment.

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