Pluchea Indica Body Gel Lotion

Pluchea Indica Body Gel Lotion Helps reduce skin allergy symptoms, poor lymph health, pain and discomfort caused by sweat and allergies. Non-artificial colored horseradish tree oil. Made with Moringa oil which helps to strengthen your skin and reduce itching.




Special formula from Ruean Mai Hom combining the value of Thai herbs such as Khadi leaf and Moringa oil.

- Gives you a cool, fresh, fragrant feeling. Add charm
- Contains Moringa Oil to effectively reduce allergic rashes. Heals wounds and scars to heal faster.
- Soft and bouncy skin all day
- The leaves heal the skin, lift and tighten the skin to be firm, soft, smooth, pleasant to the touch.
- Take care of dry and damaged skin from sun exposure
- The cream is easily absorbed, not sticky.
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