Herbal Balm



Use for massage and inhalation to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu

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Properties of reducing pain and swelling of arthritis, joint pain caused by gout, rheumatics, bone joint pains, healing fresh wounds, chronically infectious wounds and relieving the symptoms of muscular inflammation, insect bites.

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Use for insect bites, reducing allergic rashes, and relieving muscle aches and pains.

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Properties of relieving the symptoms of bruise and inflammation of muscles With the mixture of Cassumunar Ginger oil

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Use of only a slight quantity to relieve the symptoms of muscular inflammation, back and joint pains. It is wise to apply a small quantity gradually

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Use for massage to relax nerves, muscles and relieve The symptoms of tendon inflammation, numbness in hand and foot, leg joint pains,cramp, paralysis with the quality of relieving the symptom of insect bites.

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