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สบู่ผสมผลไม้ อุดมด้วยวิตามินนานาชนิดจากธรรมชาติให้ผิวขาวกระจ่างใสนุ่มชุ่มชื้น คัดสรรจากส่วนประกอบคุณภาพดี




Coconut oil soap 100 grams

- softens scars Scars look faded.

- Dark spots fade

- Coco flowers scent a unique design scent. From Ruean Mai Hom Gives a feeling of freshness and relaxation

- Restore moisture to soften the skin.

- Rejuvenate your skin

- Made from natural oils, no SLS or foaming additives

- Made from premium grade glycerin

- Packed in a beautiful box, expressing your style of luxury. Has its own unique style

- As a gift or souvenir for an important occasion

. #Moisturising soap #Acne-reducing soap #Ruan Mai Hom # 7 Drug

registration number 10-1-6200016533
weight 100 g


Gooseberry Soap (with luffa inside) Size 100 g.

- Rich in natural vitamin C.

- Contains high vitamin C, which helps reduce freckles, dark spots, fade

- Gentle exfoliation Make the skin more radiant.

- reduce oiliness on the face But still remains soft on the skin

- Make dull skin look brighter.

- Has a built-in loofah, making it more soap-saving.

- The fragrance gives a clean, fresh feeling, weight 100 grams , registration number 75-1-5700091

Mahad soap is
made from the core of real mahad, without synthetic color, reducing the pigmentation of the skin, thus giving a clear, white skin without wrinkles, dark spots and dullness,
weight 100 grams, registration number 10-1-6200016650 (price 90 baht).

soap pomegranate
skin soft, rich ruby reduce wrinkles, dark circles enriched with vitamin C to the skin
weighs 100g record number 75-1-5700092 (90 baht),

soap, milk, rice.
Rich in vitamins Helps retain moisture to the skin, making the skin radiant. Reduce inflammation of acne. Effectively reduce scars, acne scars,
weight 100 grams, registration number 75-1-5700090 (price 90 baht)

Coffee soap
gently removes dead skin cells, helps to soften the skin,
weight 100 grams, registration number 75-1-5900076 (price 90 baht).

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