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Pluchea Indica Shampoo and Conditioner

This Product take care of hair to be dandruff free, heal granular conditions or sores on the scalp, hair loss as a result of an allergy to chemicals caused by frequent hair coloring of perms, dyeing with properties of helping to keep hair soft, sleek, voluminous, shiny without being spiky and messy.




- Made from fresh herbs without artificial color added
- Helps treat itchy scalp, pustules or wounds
- Reduce the peeling of the scalp, peeling off the scalp, causing the wound to dry faster
- Eliminate the oiliness of the hair and scalp.
- Reduce hair loss
- Reduce head itchiness
- Maintain strong hair roots Stimulate the hair roots faster
- For best performance, use it with Ruan Mai Hom hair conditioner.

Recommendations During shampooing, use your fingers to massage all over the scalp so that the drug can penetrate into the hair roots. And stimulate the regeneration of hair
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